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Alpha Lurker

The concept was taken from and inspired by the concept artwork of David Berggren. I didnt like the head design, so I went around looking at fanart and after looking at numerous drawings I sketched out my own concept for the head.

My artwork submitted for the blizzard competition was an initial scene where a Zerg lurker was getting impailed by a Protoss templar with his plasma sword. Due to time restraint, the scenario was toned down to just a lurker fully ready for action. This was the first time I had finished a full blown organic model with bones/texture/bump/speculars. UVWmapping was kinda the tedious and mundane part; which I still need a lot to learn in.

I wanted the lurker to be coming out of the ground but I realized I only have one day left and it would hide all the lurkers detail.

Here is a grab of a W.I.P ->

breakdown wip zertg

The final shot came out pretty nicely. A lil bit cheerful than it should be but he is not on his home planet, he is scouting around to find a place to burrow and set a trap for his enemies.