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Born: June 10th 1982, Karachi, Pakistan

Current Residence: GTA, Ontario, Canada

Education: Computer Programmer(2 year), Computer Information Systems(1 year) and planning to do more. Self taught and genetically inherited art skills.

Likes: dreaming

Familiarized Softwares: Flash, Photoshop, Visual .Net & 3D Studio Max

Languages: C#, Java, Pearl, Visual basic, C++ & HTML

Throughout my college years I have made all programs into either an elaborate game or an artistic environment. My knowledge in computer language pushes me in making any game that I can imagine. Other than my programming skills I have the passion to draw and make 3D models. I have been drawing since I was in fourth grade or probably earlier than that but thats the earliest I can remember. Won my first award in fifth grade for a national pollution poster competition. Later on entering an online competition I tied in 22nd position at [link]. Another recent competition that I entered at, I made it into semi-finals for voting. Working on several projects of my own, also the number one reason I leave my work unfinished because I come up with more concepts before I can finish the one before that.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.  ~Scott Adams