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This is my entry for Dominance War II.

Short Description: "Anima Soldiers, are the grunts of the machine soul army. To clear the area and establish a strong hold. they are equipped with dual plasma guns with hook edged blades. Their arms can revolve around to form guns. They are purely used for raw strength in numbers. Their primary concept is to keep moving forward as long a they have the parts to do so. The Head is composed of optics to cover every angle possible. The arms are long and heavy to provide its own central force to pick up obstacles off the field may it be weapons or its opponents. As a last resort the Anima soldier can output a suicide energy blast through its core that disintegrates anyone in front of it. Even though it kills itself, it also makes the path much more cleaner for its comrades in war." I didn't mean it when I said short description.



Some really early rough blocks to jot down base model

Setting a color them on it

Construction -WireFrame

Textures ( I haven't learned how to make a good texture yet)

Pasta Bot ( I want to put him in my mouth) and Clay Bot with Illumination

Renders of Anima in different angles


Anima in random battle poses



Final Winning Pose

It was a really great competition, I learned a lot from it and I am glad I entered it. There are some really talented people out there and most of the times all I did was browse the forums looking at their stuff. In exchange I kept abandoning my character. The model was inspired by a whole bunch of things that I like from various other cool robots. The gun-rotate-to-arm idea was given to me by my cousin and the smudging technique for the texture to make it look like metal was by the help of my brother. This time I faked the normals by using photoshop, hopefully next time I will make a highpoly character for my normals. I guess in the end it depends on how lazy I am when I have to approach a certain path. Are all artists lazy?

April 23rd 2007